FWD: The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal No. 38 (2021) NOW ONLINE

The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal No. 38 (2021) is NOW ONLINE!


Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal        ISSN 1465-2978 (Online) 

Editor: Paul Ernest 


Paul Ernest  The Ethics of Mathematical Practice: Rejection, Realisation and Responsibility

Roberto Ribeiro Baldino & Tânia Cristina Baptista Cabral  Criticizing Epistemic Injustice: Rewarding Effort to Compensate for Epistemic Exclusion

Michelle Stephan and colleagues Ethical Mathematics Awareness in Students’ Big Data Decision Making

Daniela Steflitsch Why (Mathematics) Education in a Democracy Must be Critical Education

Kathleen Nolan & Shana Graham  Challenging what counts as mathematics: Reflecting on teacher’s perceptions of culturally responsive pedagogy in the mathematics classroom

Margaret Walshaw  Who Can Know Mathematics?

Adriano Demattè  On Student’s Ethical Relation with a Mathematical Written Text: Meaning and Empirical Evidence 

James Drimalla  An Augustinian Take: The Loves of the Mathematics Education Research Community 

Josh Markle  Enactive Hermeneutics as an Interpretive Framework in the Mathematics Classroom

Kathleen Nolan  Reframing Mathematics/Teacher Education Through Culturally Responsive (Disruptive) Pedagogy

Dionysia Pitsili-Chatzi  Mathematics as a social practice? Antagonisms as a conceptual tool for examining discourses

Johannes  Berggren  Conceptual, Extraneous or Other? A Configurative Review Concerning Mathematical Metaphors in Empirical Education Research

Wajeeh Daher  Convergence of tools, the Student and the Teacher in the Mathematics Classroom: Instrumental Genesis and Orchestration

John L Bell  Some Remarks on Current Mathematical Practice

John Mason  Gazing Mathematically: Seeing-As and Seeing-In

Jerzy Pogonowski  On the Invention–Discovery Dilemma

Yang Liu  Generalization and Construction Beauties and Philosophy in Mathematics

Hamlet Mikaelian & Anahit Yenokyan  The Problem of Formation of Moral Values in the Process of Teaching Mathematics